The African Editors Forum condemns arrest of French journalist Antoine Galindo in Ethiopia – Ghana Business News

The African Editors Forum condemns arrest of French journalist Antoine Galindo in Ethiopia – Ghana Business News

Antoine Galindo – Photo credit: Indigo Publications

The African Editors Forum (TAEF) has strongly condemned the arrest and detention by Ethiopian authorities of the French journalist Antoine Galindo.

The premium guild of editors on the continent says it is deeply concerned and alarmed by the arbitrary detention of French journalist Antoine Galindo by the Ethiopian authorities.

Mr. Galindo, who works for the investigative news website Africa Intelligence, was reportedly detained on February 21, 2024, after he stayed on to follow other stories after covering
the recent African Union (AU) Summit in Addis Ababa.

TAEF in a press release copied to Ghana Business News called for the immediate and unconditional release of Mr Galindo, saying, “We urge the Ethiopian government to respect press freedom, a fundamental right enshrined in the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and essential for a healthy democracy.”

Among other things, TAEF highlighted the following concerns:

Lack of due process: The reported details suggest Mr. Galindo was detained without specific charges or justification, a blatant violation of legal procedures and human rights.

Chilling effect on press freedom: Mr. Galindo’s detention sends a chilling message to all journalists in Ethiopia and beyond, creating an environment of fear and self-censorship.

Undermining of critical reporting: This incident undermines the crucial role independent journalism plays in holding authorities accountable and informing the public.

TAEF therefore demands that:

Ethiopian authorities immediately release Mr. Galindo and return his confiscated belongings.

The Ethiopian government guarantees the safety and security of all journalists working in the country, regardless of their nationality or affiliation.

A thorough and transparent investigation be conducted into the circumstances surrounding Mr. Galindo’s arrest and detention, and those responsible should be held accountable.

TAEF reiterates that it stands in solidarity with Mr. Galindo and all journalists in Ethiopia and Africa facing unlawful detention or harassment, and urged the Ethiopian government to uphold its international obligations and ensure a free and enabling environment for journalists to carry out their vital work.

Additionally, TAEF calls upon:

The African Union and international community to pressure the Ethiopian government to release Mr. Galindo and uphold press freedom.

Media organizations and journalists around the world to raise their voices and demand Mr. Galindo’s immediate release.

Journalism is not a crime and no journalist should be arrested, detained or tortured for merely doing their job.

Correction: This report has been edited.

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