Apple continues shopping, now a French AI startup – GEARRICE

Apple continues shopping, now a French AI startup – GEARRICE

A French startup was acquired by Apple, Datakalab specialized in AI compression and computer vision technology

Apple adds a new acquisition related to AI

According to the French magazine Challenges, Those from Cupertino acquired the startup Datakalab last December. The aforementioned company specialized in artificial intelligence compression and computer vision technology. They were defined at the time as “experts in deep learning algorithms” for devices. It was actually a very small entity of between 10 and 20 employees before its acquisition. The agreement was reported this month to the European Commission.

Apple continues to compile the best of AI, now it adds a French startup

From the most popular work in Datakalab, implemented AI tools in Paris transportation systems to check if users were wearing face masks. They also did work for Disney and other French partners. What characterized Datakalab was not storing any of the personal data that was given to them, only keeping statistical data. They were governed by a principle of “privacy by design.” Its main strength of action was the computer image analysis algorithms that measured the flows of public space..

This acquisition is strange since The founders of the startup did not join Apple but many employees were the ones who finally migrated. What stands out from the agreement is that Apple will now own multiple patents that are related to AI compression and vision technology.

Work of a Datakalab algorithm

Datakalab technology will work on Apple Vision Pro

It is interesting that Cupertino continues to acquire entities related to AI. We know that the launch of related functions in iOS 18 is imminent. On the other hand, Datakalab vision technology will be important for one of Apple’s products. Those from Cupertino could provide lDatakalab technology to Apple Vision Pro in the near future.

Let us remember that Apple Vision Pro incorporates a system of cameras with which recordings can be made and is what ultimately also supports the fact that the user can see the real world through screens. Face ID and Photos could benefit from technology, although it is difficult to predict in what sense and the scope it could have. How many startups will they buy throughout 2024? Let us remember that in 2023 they added more than 30 acquisitions.

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