Parisians Go Shopping 25% More Frequently Than French Average | ESM Magazine

Parisians Go Shopping 25% More Frequently Than French Average | ESM Magazine

Consumers in the Paris region go shopping every two days on average, or 25% more frequently than those in the rest of France, data from Kantar has shown.

According to Kantar, Parisian consumers conduct 170 shopping visits per year, with the average basket coming in at €26, which is 18% less than the French average.

According to Kantar, Paris has a fragmented retail network, with consumers displaying a strong affinity with specialised outlets and local stores – 76% more than in other regions.

This is partly explained by the fact that Parisian consumers prefer not to drive to stores, instead using public transport or visiting on foot, Kantar noted.

Specialist Outlets

Specialist stores are also highly appreciated, 40% more than the French average. More shopping is also oriented to fishmongers (23% more than the French average) and greengrocers (18% more) in Paris.

Markets, too, are a popular attraction, with 80% more markets per capita located in Paris compared to the rest of France.

Financial Stability

According to a recent study by E.Leclerc, France’s grocery market leader, the majority of households (81%) express concerns about their financial stability, with factors like inflation, health issues, global warming, and the Ukraine conflict contributing to consumer apprehension.

The survey, conducted by BVA as part of E.Leclerc’s New Consumption Observatory, highlights that French households are demonstrating resourcefulness in maintaining their standard of living despite these challenges.

The study also found that 92% of respondents are now more cautious with their spending, while more than a third (34%) mentioned that they carefully track their expenses, even counting to the nearest euro when shopping.

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