WATCH | Where to now for the Lakers? Fox Sports Lab – NBA

WATCH | Where to now for the Lakers? Fox Sports Lab – NBA

Fox Sports Lab NBA host Jack Heverin, CODE Bet and NBA Straya’s Jaymz Clements and NBA champ Sasha Vujacic break down what the offseason might have in store for the LA Lakers, how Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat have taken care of the Celtics and if LeBron James is really going to retire.

First, the Nuggets

“This is for the Alex English time, the David Thompson time, the Dikembe Mutombos, the Carmelo Anthonys, the Dan Issels, the Kenyon Martins: the Nuggets are finally there,” explains Clements. “The best part for me – maybe not Sasha – is that they got past the Lakers finally: they’d never beaten them in a playoff series.”

“But this is great,” adds Clements. “47 years without a title, not only that they’ve never made the finals. They’ve made the finals finally!”

“The Joker, a second-round pick, drafted during a burrito commercial! Absolutely amazing gear. This is such a great story.”

As for whether LeBron will retire, Sasha Vujacic isn’t buying it.

He believes that “first and foremost, LeBron is an institution to himself and he will do whatever is best for LeBron in the next couple of years… I think he will continue playing, chasing another title.

“But most importantly,” adds the former Laker, “is that the Lakers are in good hands. Who would have thought a couple of months ago the Lakers would be in the Western Conference Finals. It was mission impossible.”

To see what else the Fox Sports Lab NBA team have to say about the Nuggets, the Celtics and LeBron James, watch the full video above.


Originally published as WATCH | Where to now for the Lakers, what‘s up with the Celtics and will LeBron actually retire? Fox Sports Lab – NBA


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