WATCH | Can the Nuggets win the NBA Finals? Fox Sports Lab – NBA

WATCH | Can the Nuggets win the NBA Finals? Fox Sports Lab – NBA

Fox Sports Lab NBA host Jack Heverin, CODE Bet editor and NBA Straya’s Jaymz Clements and two-time NBA champion Sasha Vujacic break down the NBA finalist Denver Nuggets title hopes and if Nikola Jokic is already an all-time NBA great.

With the Nuggets making their first ever NBA finals, Vujacic is convinced that Denver big man Nikola Jokic has the resume to be considered one of the NBA’s best ever players.

“Let’s be honest: Nikola, or Joker, he’s been breaking records every time he steps on the court, so he’s already an NBA great.

“I think he will not only win one championship but the way they’re playing, this will be the first one,” adds Sasha. “There’s nothing better than winning championships and we’ll see if everyone else will crown him an all-time great, but in my book he’s already one of the all-time greats.”

Adds Clements, “He’s easily going Top 25 all time if he gets that ring. Straight away.

“He’d be in that KG, Dirk pantheon like that. A two-time MVP, stats out the wazoo, you can’t ignore it.”

As for how the Nuggets have pulled off making the finals, Clements puts it down to the “whirring death machine” of their offence.

“Jokic is a system unto himself,” adds Clements, “and they have role players stepping up when needed.”

“You win championships by playing defence,” explains Vujacic.

“Defence wins championship: the Nuggets have shpwn they can play defence when they want and forget offence – it’s already clicking, it’s incredible how connected they all are – but everyone know their role and it’s a pleasure to watch them. They are playing beautiful basketball right now.”

For the rest of the Fox Sports Lab NBA breakdown of the Denver Nuggets, watch the full video above.


Originally published as WATCH | Can the Nuggets win the NBA Finals and is Jokic already an all-time great? Fox Sports Lab – NBA


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