Two French prison officers killed and three injured in Normandy convoy attack

Two French prison officers killed and three injured in Normandy convoy attack

Two French prison officers were killed and three others seriously injured in a brazen attack on their convoy in Normandy during which an inmate escaped, officials said.

The van was transporting prisoner Mohamed Amra to Evreux jail after a court hearing in Rouen when it was ambushed on Tuesday.

Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti said he would join a crisis unit to address the emergency.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin posted on X: “All means are being used to find these criminals.

“On my instructions, several hundred police officers and gendarmes were mobilised.

French President Emmanuel Macron posted: “This morning’s attack, which cost the lives of prison administration agents, is a shock for all of us.

“The nation stands alongside the families, the injured and their colleagues.”

The attack prompted a significant law enforcement operation in the north-western region of France as authorities worked to secure the area and apprehend the assailants.

The assault took place late on Tuesday morning on the A154 freeway, which has since been closed.

Amra was under high surveillance and had recently been sentenced for burglary.

He was also under investigation for a kidnapping and homicide case in Marseille, according to public prosecutor Laure Beccuau.

French media reported that Amra was nicknamed “La Mouche” (The Fly).

Mr Beccuau announced an investigation into the attack, now considered a case of organised crime and murder.

“At this stage, we mourn the death of two penitentiary agents in this armed attack, and two are in critical condition,” Mr Beccuau said in a statement.

The investigation will also address organised escape attempts, possession of military-grade weapons and conspiracy to commit crime.

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