Put On Your Judge’s Hat Because The Thanksgiving Dog Show Is Airing Soon

Put On Your Judge’s Hat Because The Thanksgiving Dog Show Is Airing Soon

If there’s just one show you need to watch with the entire family over Thanksgiving it is rather obviously the Thanksgiving Dog Show. Picture it if you will, every generation of your family, from children to great-grandparents, gathering in perfect harmony to support the best of the best in dogs and even root for their own Best in Show. What other show can bring us to gether like the Thanksgiving Dog Show? Here’s how to watch the competition in 2023.

Will Winston the French bulldog hold on to his title of Best in Show?

The American Kennel Club puts on its annual Dog Show, hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, every Thanksgiving and has done so annually since 1933. Fans of the show already know that the AKC recognizes a whopping 212 different breeds and varieties of dogs who can be included in the dog show, split into seven different groups, as long as they are pure bred. Last year’s show saw Winston the French bulldog, handled by Perry Payson and co-owned by Los Angeles Chargers’ Morgan Fox, take the title of Best in Show from two-time winner Claire, the Scottish deerhound, who won in 2020 and 2021. So clearly, Winston had a little extra something special to bring to the table.

When can you watch the 2023 Thanksgiving Dog Show?

Every year, the National Dog Show is on television right after the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade on Thursday. The National Dog Show, which is hosted by John O’Hurley, Mary Carillo, and David Fry, starts at noon in all time zones, right after the Macy’s Day Parade, everywhere on Thanksgiving Day. It runs until 2 p.m. and covers group and Best in Show judging as well as behind-the-scenes analysis .

How can you watch the 2023 Thanksgiving National Dog Show?

The Thanksgiving National Dog Show is broadcast by NBC and can be streamed on Peacock and NBCSports.com. It will be available on the NBC Sports app at 12 p.m. ET on Thanksgiving on connected and mobile devices including Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire.

You can also re-watch National Dog Shows from the past, if you can’t quite get enough of seeing the furry drama from this year, on-demand on Peacock. And if you just feel like tuning in for the highlights from previous shows, including Best in Show and some of the judging, that’s available on NBC Sports YouTube channel.

So basically you can spend your entire Thanksgiving watching dogs on TV. What a treat.

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