Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers Prediction: Who will turn out to be stronger?

Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers Prediction: Who will turn out to be stronger?

Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers Prediction, Betting Tips & Odds │10 DECEMBER, 2023

Prediction for the 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament match which will take place on December 10. Who will turn out to be stronger? Check the team conditions! Several betting options are available.

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In the playoff games of the In-Season Tournament, the Lakers, of course, were led by LeBron James. First, the King of Basketball had a great game against Phoenix (106:103), adding five steals to his 31 points and 11 assists. Then – he became a key factor at the end of the first half against New Orleans, for which he scored more than 20 points. As a result, the Lakers brought the game with the Pelicans to a convincing victory – 133:89. LeBron played 22.5 minutes and scored 30 points and eight assists without a single loss.

The Pacers took turns crushing the two strongest teams in the Eastern Conference in the In-Season Tournament. First, they beat Boston and Indianapolis, 122:112. Then Milwaukee in Las Vegas – 128:119.

Tyrese Haliburton plays the role of LeBron James in Indiana. So, in the game against Boston, the Pacers player made the first triple-double of his career – 26 points, 10 rebounds, and 13 assists. In the game against Milwaukee, he scored 27 points and 15 assists without a single loss.

LeBron James’ 8 assists for no losses and Tyrese Haliburton’s 13 assists for the same zero in the loss column in the semifinal games are amazing. If the leaders of the teams do not lose efficiency in the final game, and there is no reason for that, the meeting may well turn out to be very effective. Besides, we don’t believe that Indiana will win the upcoming game. For LeBron to win the In-season tournament is crucial because, in case of a defeat, the King of Basketball will be criticized.

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