Keshet Studios Nabs U.S. Remake Rights to French Romantic Thriller Series ‘Vortex’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Keshet Studios Nabs U.S. Remake Rights to French Romantic Thriller Series ‘Vortex’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Keshet Studios, the U.S. scripted arm of Keshet International, has acquired the U.S. remake rights to the French romantic fantasy thriller series “Vortex” from France TV Distribution.

Based on an original concept by Franck Thilliez, “Vortex” centers on a police captain who stumbles upon a time warp while examining a VR crime scene. He realizes that he can communicate with his lost love, just before her death in 1998. Determined to alter her fate and prevent her murder, Ludovic risks everything, including his life with his new family.

The deal, negotiated by Keshet Studios and Michelle Palant, international sales manager at France TV Distribution, marks Keshet Studos’ first remake deal for a French show.

“Within the first few minutes of watching ‘Vortex,’ I knew this had to be Keshet Studios’ first French adaption for the U.S.,” said Heather Brewster, Keshet Studios’ SVP of scripted. “A deeply emotional, inventive, and entertaining story that keeps you coming back for more, ‘Vortex’ is a perfect fit for our growing slate of premium international formats.”

Brewster pointed out Keshet Studios already had a “solid track record of developing and producing hit Keshet formats like ‘When Heroes Fly’ and ‘The Baker and the Beauty.’”

Julia Schulte, SVP of international sales at France tv distribution, and Michelle Palant, said she hopes the deal with Keshet Studios will lead to a successful English-speaking remake as with other France televisions series “Call my Agent” and “Bright Minds.”

“Vortex,” produced by Quad Drama, was a ratings success when it aired on the French public broadcaster France Televisions last year. It was watched by more than 4 million viewers, representing an audience share of 18.7%. The series stars Tomer Sisley (“Don’t Look Up”) as a police officer who stumbles upon a time warp that turns his life upside down, alongside Camille Claris (“Marie-Antoinette”), Zineb Triki (“The Bureau”), and Eric Pucheu (“Woke”). “Vortex” has since been picked up by Netflix, premiering on the global platform on June 2.  

A number of French shows have been picked up for U.S. remakes in recent years, notably the spy thriller “Le Bureau des légendes” whose English-language makeover, “The Department,” will soon start shooting with Michael Fassbender playing the lead role.

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