Katrina Kaif’s deepfake video shows her speaking French

Katrina Kaif’s deepfake video shows her speaking French


The actor has been embroiled in deepfake videos

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MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif has once again been embroiled in another deepfake video in which she has been shown speaking French at an event.

In the AI-generated video, the versatile actress can be seen delivering a speech at an event in French language.

She is talking about senior actress Beena Kak, who played a key role in a film ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya’, featuring herself and Salman Khan.

As the video went viral, social media users took it as original and praised the Ek Tha Tiger star’s expertise in French language.

However, some pointed out that this video has been created using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Katrina Kaif’s fan page explained that the video is original and filmed in 2019 when Katrina and Salman Khan attended the book launch of Beena Kak in Mumbai.

But it clarified that Katrina had talked about the senior actress in English language and not French. It said the AI-generated video features the French translation of the Katrina’s speech.

Commenting on the video, some users called AI “very dangerous” saying it poses a threat to everyone from ordinary people to famous personalities.

Back in November 2023, some immoral AI-generated photos of the Indian actress were shared on the internet.


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