It’s all coming up roses for Emily

It’s all coming up roses for Emily

Florist Emily Fountaine has opened Pom Pom Florals, in Heretaunga Street East, Hastings. Photo / Warren Buckland

It was the romance of France flower gardens and markets that led Emily Fountaine to a career as a florist.

“It was during my OE when I was travelling in France, woofing and doing things on the cheap that I came across these beautiful French gardens and flower markets. I just loved them and thought it was really romantic,” Emily said.

“The reality of being an apprentice florist is not so romantic, scrubbing buckets and sweeping floors,” she laughed.

But Emily kept her dream alive and this week has opened Pom Pom Florals in the flourishing east side of Hastings, in Heretaunga Street, next to Ya Bon.


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“I have been watching this block for a while now and when a space became available, I jumped at it. I love the vibe and the cool shops around me. It’s an uplifting and modern space and I’m really happy to be a part of it.”

Emily says while being a florist in New Zealand may not be as romantic as France, she still loves it.

“I’ve been doing this for nine years now and feel so lucky to be doing something I love. Going to work is not a chore at all.

“The thing with flowers is they bring joy to so many people. Yes, there are sad occasions but even then flowers can be uplifting,” Emily said.


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Pom Pom Florals is more than a florist. It’s a boutique gift shop offering gorgeous bottles of gin and wine, beautiful pottery and a selection of goods perfect for gifts.

There is also lovely artwork by Abby Merson displayed on the walls and a selection of dried flowers.

The newly-revamped shop is inviting and modern.

Staff member Kayla at Pom Pom Florals in Heretuanga Street, East, Hastings. Photo / Paul Taylor
Staff member Kayla at Pom Pom Florals in Heretuanga Street, East, Hastings. Photo / Paul Taylor

“We are so happy with the way it looks. Our first day was incredible. We were really busy and I’m feeling so elated,” Emily said.

“It’s a bit scary when you take on something new but we decided to just go for it. My plan now is to build my brand locally.”

Pom Pom Florals uses locally-grown flowers and foliage from Hawke’s Bay and New Zealand.

“When we do order from wholesalers outside Hawke’s Bay, we never use internationally-imported flowers if there is a New Zealand option.”

Asked what her favourite flower was, Emily said that was a hard question.

“It depends on the season for me. I love dahlia, stock, ranunculus, peonies, and protea to name a few.”

And her advice on how to look after your bouquet of flowers?


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“Do as I say not as I do, ” she laughed.

“Always change the water every day and cut stems every two days. It’s as simple as that.”

Emily says while sourcing goods for ther shop, they tried their hardest to support local businesses.

“We are hoping to expand our offering in the very near future.

“In the meantime, pop in and say hello.”

As for Emily’s bouquets… believe me, she is very talented… they are stunning.


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