French wine generates 440,000 jobs, €6.4 billion in taxes and 1.4 GDP points

French wine generates 440,000 jobs, €6.4 billion in taxes and 1.4 GDP points


his is one “innovative way to allow the French wine industry’s contribution to the economy and actual size to be viewed objectively”, claims Deloitte in a study commissioned by trade organisations Vin & Société and the national board of appellation and PGI marketing boards to quantify the sector’s direct, indirect and induced business contribution. From an employment perspective, the wine industry provided 440,000 full-time equivalent jobs in 2022 (FTE), equating to 2% of France’s total payroll. The overall figure includes 254,000 FTE jobs directly related to the industry: 125,000 FTE for the production side, 44,000 FTE for shipping firms, 500 FTE for brokers, 13,000 FTE for super/hypermarkets, 5,815 FTE for wine merchants and 279 FTE for online sales.


Then there’s the ripple effect the wine industry has on society as a whole, from legal activities to real estate, forestry and services. According to Deloitte extrapolations, it can be estimated that the direct effects generate 71,000 FTE (service providers, suppliers…) and indirect effects a further 45,000 FTE (impact on the production environment for intermediary usages related to the wine industry), along with 70,000 FTE stemming from the impact on households (“activity surpluses attributable to extra consumption induced by production of the wine and vine industry”, explains Deloitte).


According to the study, the French wine industry posts turnover of 92 billion euros in total, with €10 billion generated by production, €34 billion by trading companies, €7 billion by on-premise venues, €5 billion by multiple grocers, €2 billion by wine merchants and €253 million by e-commerce. In addition to this are €33 billion from the ripple effect on other sectors of the French economy. Another noteworthy contribution is the €6.4 billion in tax revenue (including VAT), with €254 million from the production side, €400 million from trading companies, €67 million from multiple grocers, €22 million from wine merchants and €3 million from e-commerce.


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