French Study and Job Fair in Kampala Offers Opportunities for Ugandan Students

French Study and Job Fair in Kampala Offers Opportunities for Ugandan Students

The French Study and Job Fair in Kampala, now in its second edition, kicked off with a promise of expanded horizons and enhanced opportunities for Ugandan students and job seekers. According to French Ambassador to Uganda, Xavier Sticker, the event serves as a platform for strengthening ties between Uganda and France, particularly in the realms of education and economy.

“Our aim is to build communities of shared interest around education and the economy between our two countries. Today offers a plethora of opportunities for Ugandan students, job applicants, and those interested in an international career,” Ambassador Sticker emphasized.

Sticker highlighted the presence of 40 French companies permanently stationed in Uganda, to showcase a wealth of employment prospects for local talents. Additionally, seven French universities visited Uganda this week, aiming to foster academic mobility and collaboration between the two nations.

Furthermore, Sticker said, “The French education system offers a significant advantage for those considering studying abroad, as it is relatively more affordable. This is due to the high level of subsidization in France, resulting in lower costs compared to many other countries where Ugandan students typically choose to study abroad.”

Thomas Pelletier, President of the Kampala Business Club, emphasized the active recruitment efforts of French companies, with a focus on engaging with students and guiding them through career pathways.

“The key message today is that French companies are recruiting. We have many job opportunities, internship programs, and graduate training initiatives available through the fair,” Pelletier asserted.

Pelletier stressed that, “When you work for a French company and you speak even a little bit of French, it’s a difference. Every little difference can make you stand out in the job market.”

“Study what you love and feel passionate about. Your genuine interest will drive excellence and align with your personality and goals. Don’t choose based solely on job prospects, focus on where you see yourself in the long term for better employment opportunities,” noted Pelletier.

Oumou Diakite, Head of the Delegation, illuminated the abundant educational opportunities awaiting Ugandan students in France.

“France presents a viable option for international students seeking quality education. We are aiming to increase international student enrollment, with a target of 500,000 students by 2027,” Diakite affirmed.

“Being an international student in France allows you many things. You have the same rights, facilities, and possibilities as a French student,” she highlighted.

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