French Open racket collection is launched as Roland-Garros countdown continues

French Open racket collection is launched as Roland-Garros countdown continues

The second Grand Slam tournament of 2024 is fast approaching and Wilson has revealed their annual collection ahead of the tournament at Roland Garros.

Wilson has been the official ball and racket stringer of the tournament since 2020 and will continue to work with the French Tennis Federation (FFT) to bring the most innovative products to the greatest show on clay.

They will also be supplying some of the game’s biggest names with rackets for this year’s French Open, with world Australian Open champion Aryna Sabalenka, the in-form Stefanos Tsitsipas and Emma Raducanu also using their innovative Blade frame.

The Blade V9 is the racket chosen by more tour players than any other, with the 2024 version proving to be a big hit with his sleek green design.

“We’ve been fortunate that the Blade has been adopted as the racket of choice for a lot of serious and avid competitive players,” said Michael Schaeffer, Wilson’s global product director of rackets.

“We really wanted to make sure that all the updates are well-suited to that player type. We were driven by this idea of making a sharper Blade.”

Now Wilson has unveiled a new collection of rackets that are on sale ahead of the French Open.

A firmer, more stable Blade featuring design details inspired by Roland-Garros 2024 has been released.

Tradition, elegance and design excellence define the look and feel of the Blade 98 (16×19) V9 Roland-Garros 2024, a tennis racket that embodies the spirit and energy of the prestigious tennis tournament.

The preferred choice of avid competitors looking for ultimate feel and control, Wilson’s latest Blade maintains weight, balance and swing weight while increasing the firmness and stability for a more connected-to-the-ball feel. Featuring the 2024 Roland-Garros-inspired colours, this racket uses a braided graphite + basalt frame with a DirectConnect carbon fibre handle, resulting in improved flexibility and enhanced stability.

A new Silson SHIFT racket has also been released, with a Roland-Garros design.

Inspired by the night sessions of the 2024 Roland-Garros tennis tournament, Wilson’s Shift 99 V1 Session de Soiree combines advanced engineering with a look that embodies the spirit and energy of the prestigious event.

A W|Labs innovation, the Shift 99 is designed around the insight of maximum lateral bending and best-in-class torsional stability. This balanced, spin-oriented racket features a hybrid 16×20 string pattern, which allows players to hit consistently deep shots with power, confidence and control.

There is also a new Wilson’s Clash 100 V2, which combines unmatched playability with a design that embodies the spirit, tradition and energy of the world’s most prestigious clay-court tennis tournament.

Delivering an uncompromising blend of power, control and feel, the Clash 100 suits players with both traditional, horizontal swings and modern, vertical swings. It features an enlarged sweet spot plus Torsional Bending technology, which provides stability on off-center hits.

“Wilson’s partnership with Roland-Garros is one of the most iconic relationships in sport,” says Jason Collins, Global General Manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “It is our mission to continue pushing the sport of tennis forward and empowering athletes to play at their best; we couldn’t be more honored to build upon that alongside the FFT in years to come.”

During Paris’ marquee tennis event, Wilson will offer a wide range of new products in-store, online and at its revamped retail spaces on the grounds at Roland-Garros. Wilson will debut its latest Roland-Garros collection of rackets and accessories, including exclusive colourways of Blade 98 V9 and Clash 100 V2, as well as the special edition “Session de Soiree” Shift 99 V1.

Stéphane Morel, FFT General Manager declared: “We are enormously proud to continue our collaboration with Wilson, an Official Roland-Garros partner. Our new extended agreement is all about innovation. We are delighted to announce that Wilson will continue to lend its expertise and supply tennis balls and stringing services to the players at the tournament.”

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