French golfers compared to racists by Left-wing MP

French golfers compared to racists by Left-wing MP

Pascal Grizot, president of the French Golf Federation, also protested against the comments.

“We were surprised – and let’s say it, quite shocked – to see that you assimilate golf players in categories of populations that you do not seem to hold in great esteem,” Mr Grizot said in an open letter.

“You seem to ignore the sociology of our sport, the practice of which continues to become popular and now brings together more than 600,000 players in France, of whom 446,000 are licensed with our federation.

“Golf was as widely played in France in 2023 as handball, basketball and even judo – acceptable disciplines which don’t seem to be the subject of the same denigration on your part.”

Accusing Ms Panot of “demagoguery,” Mr Grizot said: ‘It’s just a shame to want to divide the French once again.”

He added: “There are Right-wing golfers, Left-wing golfers and even France Unbowed golfers.

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