French Ambassador Thierry Mathou proposes collaboration in sports and reveals future military plans

French Ambassador Thierry Mathou proposes collaboration in sports and reveals future military plans

SHILLONG: Embarking on his inaugural visit to Shillong, Ambassador Thierry Mathou of France ventured into Meghalaya’s Mawphlang, a heritage village nestled in the picturesque East Khasi Hills.

Expressing delight at his first encounter with Shillong, Ambassador Mathou emphasized the exceptional ties between France and India, highlighting the importance of exploring avenues to deepen engagement between France and Meghalaya.

“It’s my first visit to Shillong. France and India have excellent and exceptional relations. It was important for me to come to Meghalaya to see what we could do to develop the relationship between France and Meghalaya,” said Ambassador Mathou.

During his visit, Ambassador Mathou underscored the significance of cultural exchange and environmental stewardship. Spellbounded by Meghalaya’s natural wonders, he marvelled at the region’s sacred forests and biodiversity, expressing a keen desire to learn from local practices in environmental conservation. “This morning had the pleasure to visit a sacred forest. We have to learn from you how to protect the environment, forests, and biodiversity,” remarked the French Ambassador.

Recognizing Meghalaya’s passion for sports, Ambassador Mathou hinted at potential collaborations, particularly in light of France’s upcoming hosting of the Olympic Games. He acknowledged the popularity of sports in Meghalaya and envisioned leveraging this enthusiasm to foster stronger cultural ties between the two regions. “Our cooperation is in the sector of sports, in a state where sports are very popular. In a couple of months, France will welcome the Olympic Games,” Ambassador Mathou added.

Furthermore, Ambassador Mathou revealed plans for a notable military exercise between the French and Indian armies scheduled to take place in Shillong. This event will not only highlight the growing defence cooperation between the two nations but also puts Meghalaya forward as a strategically significance partner in facilitating such future engagements.

“On Monday, we will organize a big military exercise between the French and Indian army in Shillong,” Ambassador Mathou also said. During his Meghalaya visit, the French envoy’s exploration of the region’s cultural and environmental riches sets the stage for future collaborations. From cultural exchanges to environmental initiatives, his visit signals a promising pathway for enhanced cooperation between France and Meghalaya. (ANI)

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