France Football ‘considering’ changing Ballon d’Or result that everyone would get behind

France Football ‘considering’ changing Ballon d’Or result that everyone would get behind

A Ballon d’Or result could be changed by France football, it has been reported.

France Football are reportedly considering changing a previous Ballon d’Or result in a huge twist.

The French outlet have handed out the prestigious prize every year from 1956 onwards – except on one very notable occasion.

Back in 2020, the Ballon d’Or was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it had on football that year.

Some seasons were cut short as a result and the award was nixed before it resumed a year later in 2021 and was claimed by Lionel Messi.

However, many felt as though Robert Lewandowski was ‘robbed’ of the 2020 gong, before coming second to Messi a year on.

Lewandowski scored 47 goals in 44 games in all competitions for club and country, as well as winning both the Bundesliga and Champions League.

Upon collecting his 2021 award, Messi claimed that the former Bayern Munich striker deserved to win the trophy.

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“Robert, you deserve your Ballon d’Or,” he said in his speech.

“Last year, everyone was in agreement to say that you were the big winner of this award”.

France Football’s editor-in-chief, Pascal Ferre, addressed Messi’s plea and stressed the need to “respect the history of the Ballon d’Or”.

However, a new report from SPORT claims that Lewandowski could be handed the prize after all.

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With suggestions that Paris Saint-Germain applied pressure to ensure Messi won in 2021 and fears about their reputation, the magazine are said to “be evaluating the possibility of Lewandowski” getting his due credit.

Lewandowski did win the FIFA Men’s Best Player for 2020 but has recently admitted he would gladly accept a first Ballon d’Or even it is delayed.

In an interview with Sport Bild, he responded: “Let’s put it this way: if I received the 2020 Ballon d’Or four years later, I would not feel offended. It would be a great honor and I would accept the award.”

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