Expat shares the ‘big problem with living in France’

Expat shares the ‘big problem with living in France’

France is one of the UK’s leading expat destinations and it’s not hard to see why. Fantastic food, world-class culture and easy access to the UK, France is a tempting prospect.

However, one expat has shared the reason they think there’s a “big problem” with life in France for foreign residents.

Reddit user ‘k0zmina’ claimed: “Here’s the big problem with France. Terrible job market, very little diversity and new business creation.

“The country is very centralised as most jobs and opportunities are in Paris. Then there’s the issue of employers choosing to discriminate against you based on which elite, expensive school you did or did not go to. Networking and who you know is a huge deal!”

British expats who want to work in France will usually need to have a good level of French as well as the correct qualifications.

The expat opined: “The work environment sucks and is highly hierarchical. Things are slow and take forever.”

According to Prospects, French employers tend to look favourably on networking so expats may have more luck if they reach out to a company directly.

Expats will also need to dress smartly for a job interview and candidates may need to attend up to four interviews before being hired.

France’s unemployment rate is expected to be around 7.5 percent in 2024, higher than in the UK where it’s expected to rise to around four percent.

The expat said: “Outside of Paris, and especially outside of Lyon, there are barely any jobs and homelessness and unemployment is crazy.

“Outside of Paris, it’s true the cost of living becomes low, but then so do the salaries and job opportunities. Ultimately, you have cheaper rent and apartments but very expensive groceries, technology, electric bills, etc. because of the taxes and other things I won’t get into.

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