Ex-Australian Open Director and Clay Expert Decodes Why Rafael Nadal Has Won 14 French Open Titles in Effusive Praise for Spaniard

Ex-Australian Open Director and Clay Expert Decodes Why Rafael Nadal Has Won 14 French Open Titles in Effusive Praise for Spaniard

Very few athletes from the sporting world have dominated a certain tournament in the same way that Rafael Nadal has asserted his command over the French Open. In an appearance on The AO Show, Paul McNamee tried breaking down the reason behind Nadal’s dominance at Roland Garros. In doing so, the former Australian Open director and multiple-time Grand Slam winner praised Nadal’s powerful forehand the most.

Paul McNamee is one of the many admirers of Rafael Nadal. But, McNamee took his love for the 22-time Grand Slam winner a step further by speaking about the significance of the latter’s forehand. According to the 69-year-old, the player with the best shot more than often wins matches on the red dirt. Revealing that Nadal’s forehand was the best shot in the history of the sport, Paul explained what made the King of Clay win 14 titles at the Court Philippe-Chatrier:

“His (Rafael Nadal) forehand is such a weapon on clay that you live in such fear of once he gets to his forehand, he’s gonna take control of the point, that you have to go for something very quickly because he’s going to strangle you with his forehand because he’s so dominant.

In the end, on clay, the best shot wins. So in the end, Nadal wins because he’s got the best shot in the history of the game which is his forehand. There is no better shot in the history of tennis. That’s why he’s won 14 Roland Garros,” McNamee said.

Before showering Nadal’s forehand with some lofty compliments, Paul went on to draw comparisons between clay court surfaces to a chessboard. Claiming that playing on the dirt required nuances, he also stated that Rafa, along with Bjorn Borg, was a Grandmaster.

“Rafa and Bjorn Borg are far and away two Grandmasters… Clay is chess at the end of the day. Hard court is draughts. One is linear and one is angular. One has nuances, one does not. So clay court is a chessboard. The Grandmasters are Rafael Nadal and Bjorn Borg,” McNamee added.

Paul McNamee is quite accurate with his statements. While his physicality and movement have been of great help, Nadal’s heavy topspin forehand is the major reason why he has been almost impossible to defeat on clay.

The Iconic Rafael Nadal Forehand Being the Best Has Been Debatable

Paul McNamee isn’t the only one to believe that Rafael Nadal has the most lethal forehand in the sport. Popular tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou is also of the same opinion as McNamee.

“Rafael Nadal’s forehand is unique in tennis history. When playing cross with his forehand, the quality of his topspin and the zones he finds always fully open the court for his down the line forehand…I consider until this day that he has the best forehand of all time,” Mouratoglou said, per Tennis 365.

However, not everyone agrees with McNamee and Mouratoglou. Rick Macci, popular for being Serena Williams’ ex-coach, has always debated that Pete Sampras’ forehand was the greatest.

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