Dates for the 2024 summer sales

Dates for the 2024 summer sales

The 2024 summer sales will commence at 8am on Wednesday 26 June and conclude on Tuesday 23 July, but there may be deviations in specific areas.

As the dates for 2024 remain undetermined, we present the 2023 summer sales schedule purely for reference.

In mainland France

Corsica: from 12 July to 8 August 2023.
Alpes-Maritimes & Pyrénées-Orientales: The summer sales in these regions now start on the same date as the national sales.
Overseas – Guadeloupe:
Sales run from 30th September to 28th October 2023.
Sales run from 5th October 2023 to 1st November 2023.
French Guiana:
Sales also coincide with the national date.
Reunion Island:
Sales take place from 4th February to 3rd March 2023.
2-29 September 2023 in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin for winter sales, and 4 October to 10 November 2023 in Saint Pierre
and Miquelon

From 19 July to 15 August 2023

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