Chris Eubanks Signs As J.Lindeberg’s First Male Tennis Player

Chris Eubanks Signs As J.Lindeberg’s First Male Tennis Player

Chris Eubanks relishes the idea of being the face of a brand. Now he is.

The 27-year-old American ranked as the ATP’s World No. 37 signed to become J.Lindeberg’s first male ambassador in tennis. “It is extremely enticing to be one of the only faces of a particular brand,” he tells me from Australia. “It allows for you to really see the growth of that brand and feel a sense of pride when you’re watching it grow, which is quite a unique opportunity. Not many players get the chance to be the face of a brand in the beginning and I am really excited about that opportunity.”

Eubanks elevated his ranking status in 2023, highlighted by a quarterfinal appearance at Wimbledon. Moving to an apparel brand relatively new to the sport—Sweden-based J.Lindeberg entered tennis in 2022—allows him to not only have a unique style on the court, but also off it. The brand’s foray into fashion opens a new world for Eubanks. “That’s one of the things that made JL stand out so much,” he says. “I had seen some of the golf line but had no idea how heavily entrenched in the world of fashion they are. I was honestly blown away.”

On the court, Eubanks says he enjoys a mix of wild, bold patterns and classic, traditional pieces. “Typically, I like to keep the shorts pretty classic but love some creativity on my shirts. It’s very important to me that the shirts are breathable and absorb sweat well and I think JL has already done a fantastic job of meeting everything that I could want.”

Having already engaged in conversations about fit, styles and colors with J.Lindeberg designers, Eubanks says the brand has proven welcoming to his ideas. And he expects that to continue. “I think my personal style will be well-represented in my on-court kits,” he says. “The JL team made it very clear early on that they want and value my input in the style, so I’m very excited about that.”

So far, Eubanks says the Jensen Print Polo has been his favorite piece of the collection. With vents in the back making the shirt breathable, but with a contemporary collar, he’s already taken with the look.

They are also taking his specific needs into account. The 6-7 tennis star says his height means he needs longer shorts and pants, something he’s struggled to find in the past. “That’s one of the things that I’m most excited about, honestly,” he says. “I’m really looking forward to having shorts and pants that fit me how they’re supposed to.”

J.Lindeberg was born in Stockholm in 1996 as a way to inject style into golf. Golf is where Eubanks first saw the brand. Then he started seeing it in tennis, but only on the female players. “For me to be one of the first male tennis players is truly and honor,” he says. “Seeing how much time and effort they put into both elements of style and fashion made me feel like this is a great fit. Then when I met the team and I saw how much passion everything has for this partnership, I knew it was the right decision.”

“We are simply delighted to welcome Christopher Eubanks to our team, with his bold approach and dedication to the game and unique style of play, I can’t think of a better ambassador to represent the spirit of our brand,” says Hans-Christian Meyer, J.Lindeberg CEO. “We look forward to supporting him across sport and fashion in every way possible as he continues to take up more space in the world of tennis.”

That tennis space is already attracting a bevy of new brands. Eubanks believes that’s the case thanks to the unique marketing opportunity individual sports offer without team uniforms taking center stage. “Tennis and golf offer much more visibility for apparel companies than team sports,” he says, “and I think that’s why we are seeing more brands getting into tennis.”

Signing a new sponsorship deal comes as Eubanks continues to learn business lessons for life beyond the sport. Already entrenched in a structured lifestyle that allows him to handle the additional demands on his time that come with on-court success, he’s continuing to learn the importance of effective communication and time management, for both tennis and business.

“Whether it’s making sure that all members of my team are on the same page about scheduling, goals, training, etc., or making sure that I’m responsive to emails or follow-ups, I’ve seen how important communicating effectively is in general,” Eubanks says. “Tennis has so many moving parts that it can be quite easy to get lost in the shuffle. And that’s where I think time management and scheduling plays a big part in making sure nothing slips through the cracks.”

Now he’ll be managing both his on-court and off-court business with a new style. One that expresses his personality as a face of J.Lindeberg.


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