Anti-Israel French lawmaker calls for boycott of Carrefour

Anti-Israel French lawmaker calls for boycott of Carrefour

Far Left French member of Parliament, Thomas Portes, called on the French public to boycott grocery chain Carrefour on Sunday after it opened a branch in the Israeli town of Ma’aleh Adumim.

Portes is a member of the La France Insoumise party and made his statement via the social media platform X. 

He further expressed his anger, saying: “Carrefour is complicit in colonization! While Israeli settlers killed more than 160 Palestinians in the West Bank, Carrefour published yesterday a job offer for its future store in Ma’aleh Adumim!We must boycott this chain everywhere in France!”

In his call for a boycott, Portes reiterated the stance of the BDS movement, which has been calling for a boycott of the chain since March 8, 2022, when the chain announced its franchise agreement with the Israeli retail chain Yeinot Bitan.

Carrefour officially opened in Israel on May 9, 2023, with branches dispersed throughout the country. The France-based company was the first international food retailer to enter the Israeli market. The move was enabled due to governmental policy changes for the purpose of increasing market competition.

French Union of Democrats and Independents deputy Meyer Habib delivers a speech during a debate on Palestine status (credit: REUTERS)

French-Israeli lawmaker strikes back

The French-Israeli politician Meyer Habib responded on X: “Thomas Portes is a pathetic antisemite against whom there are countless complaints of sexual harassment! He uses antisemitism to flatter the Islamist public. He turned the hatred of Israel and the Jews into a political business and is convinced that it will pay off for him electorally because he trembles at being beaten in the upcoming elections.

“Just like in Germany in the 1930s, this antisemite calls for the boycott of Carrefour and punishes anyone who does business with Jews. Ultimately, the French will boycott him!”

Zachy Hennessey and Galit Hatan/Globes/TNS contributed to this article.


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