Anti-Aging LED Masks

Anti-Aging LED Masks

Luxury brand Dior joins French LED technology specialist Lucibel on an anti-aging LED mask called Dior Skin Light. The LED mask is designed by Olivier Lapidus, who has worked on innovative textiles, especially light-related fabrics. The partnership between Dior and Lucibel started in July 2022.

The Dior Skin Light contains photobiomodulation technology, which utilizes red light to stimulate skin cells. Additionally, the LED mask stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in visible skin rejuvenation. After twelve minutes, Dior claims that skin quality is visibly improved. After a month, one’s skin texture and overall complexion are said to be healthier and smoother. The LED mask was first shown at Dior Cheval Blanc spa in Paris and is available for $4,000 in EUR.

Image Credit: Dior

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